Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the Pivotal Breathing course?

The course includes lifetime access to 6 modules of education on energy work, breathwork, lymphatic drainage, movement, and myofunctional therapy. Each module has simple homework that guides you through the week. New content is released each week to help you gradually progress through the program towards natural wellness.

What age is this program geared towards?

The program content is great for ages 5-99+. The Pivotal Breathing course content is developed for adults to digest the information. The information can be used to then instruct your children from as young as age 5. It is not recommended to sit young child down to watch the modules alone. Self-guidance is recommended for ages 13 and up.

How much commitment is required?

Each week exercises and activities are recommended that build on each other like building blocks. If you seek results from the program you will need to dedicate 5-10 minutes twice daily to performing the week's prescribed exercises.

Can I stop and start the program?

If you need to pause the program at any time, we absolutely understand. You have lifetime access and can begin again at any time that works better for you. However, we would recommend you begin from the beginning when you resume.